Your Pathway to the University of Manitoba

Aiming to gain a degree at a prestigious university? Take the first step that just makes sense: Start with the International College of Manitoba (ICM).
ICM programs are designed to support you as you prepare for university studies. You’ll gain the insight and resources you need to make a smooth transition.
UTP Stage II is equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s degree program. Upon successful completion of UTP Stage II, if you satisfy university admission requirements and deadlines and achieve the specified minimum GPA, you will be eligible to apply to transfer to the second year of your degree at the University of Manitoba. Admission to some degree programs will be on a competitive basis and subject to quotas.
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ICM also offers UTP Stage I, a program that bridges secondary school and UTP Stage II.

Your direct pathway to University of Manitoba

High School​
2nd Year
The University of Manitoba

Entry Into Our ICM Programs

My time at ICM shaped my study habits, introduced me to a variety of volunteer positions, and helped me establish a community of friends from around the world! I attribute my success in my current program at the University of Manitoba to the support I received in that first year. My instructors and advisors were patient and dedicated to student success, while everyone on ICM’s team was helpful and caring.

Elaine Fu

A Smarter Pathway to Progress

Here’s why choosing ICM is a more rewarding path:
Canada’s universities
Have the opportunity to earn a degree from one of Canada’s top universities.
Have regular access to lecturers and better focus on your courses with smaller class sizes.
Support service
Access a range of support services that help you achieve your fullest potential.
International student
Study on-campus alongside international students from over 80 countries.
Cities in Canada
Live in one of the most affordable cities in Canada.
Welcoming community
Join a diverse and welcoming community.