The support you need to succeed

Your academic success and well-being are important to us. That’s why we provide the support you need to maintain a balanced lifestyle and achieve your full potential.

ICM helped me a lot coming from a different educational background. The four hour classes and the relatively small number of students gave me a really good edge as I was able to talk to my professors one on one and ask them questions. Another thing I really loved about ICM was all the cultural events. You would never feel that you’re away from home because you will always be connected. There was also a special kind of comfort level because you are surrounded by people going through the same transition as you and it’s great to have that support from your peers.

Neelam Shahzadi

Study Support

Study support

Our team of Student Success Advisors and teaching staff offer peer tutoring programs, workshops and assignment assistance to help you develop better studying skills.

Personal support

Don’t bear your burdens alone. Our free, confidential advisory service is available if you’re facing difficulties in your personal, social or academic life.
Personal Support

Orientation and month of welcome

Orientation month includes workshops, activities and events to help you get off to a great start. Despite a shift to being online, you can still participate in synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Our asynchronous Orientation Module can be found online, and outlines resources, policies, procedures and other essential information through a combination of interactive videos, quizzes and short practice assignments.

The Live Orientation will be delivered by current students and alumni, helping you to review essential module content through interactive gamification.

Academic Support Workshops

Get the academic help you need to excel. We offer tips for academic success, writing, planning your program, information on VWs and GPA, and a walkthrough of how to apply to the UM.

We also host interactive sessions with guest speakers who discuss what to expect when you enter your faculty at UM. Many workshops are now online as video tutorials to accommodate your schedule.

Academic Support Workshops
Academic Success Skill Tutorials

Academic Success Skill Tutorials

Enjoy tutorials to develop skills in essay-writing and problem-solving. These are scheduled outside of normal class time or as part of the REBOOT/Endeavour class curriculum. You may also opt for Alumni-led Supplementary Instruction sessions, where you’ll work with the instructors in the course to plan review material.

Transition to university

Getting ready to make the jump to your second year of your bachelor’s degree? ICM organizes sessions to guide you on second-year programs and application processes. ICM alumni will also be on hand to give tips and tricks on making a successful transition.
Transition to University
Social Activities

Social activities

ICM regularly organizes social events just in case you needed more reasons to make new friends! You can also develop leadership skills and improve academic outcomes, all while supporting your personal health and well-being.

Below are a few examples of our student leadership opportunities!

Student leadership

Join our Student Leadership Training Day each term to develop your skills. Go even further by talking on the role of Student Leader Manager, or attend other session such as customer service and conflict resolution.

Our Student Leadership Program gets you involved in any of our five student groups: Social Committee, Cultural Ambassadors, Peer Advisors, Peer Educators, and Marketing Influencers.

Student Leadership
Peer Advisors

Peer advisors

Be a friendly mentor your peers can count on. You’ll work closely with the Student Success Advisors to address questions and concerns, as well as helping students get the resources they need.

Peer educators

If you excel in your academic courses, now you can help your peers do so too. Through Zoom tutoring sessions, you’ll provide help, feedback and informational resources in a variety of subject areas.

Peer Educators
Cultural Ambassadors

Cultural ambassadors

If you’re enthusiastic about creating a supportive space for everyone, you might be a Cultural Ambassador in the making. Help create awareness of ICM’s cultural diversity and Canadian culture.

Social committee

Work closely with ICM staff to create opportunities for your peers to expand their social networks and transition into their new environment. As someone who enjoys bringing people together, you’ll host networking events to build a community between incoming, current, outgoing and alumni students.

Social Committee
Marketing Influencers

Marketing influencers

Become the face of ICM as you interact with future students and share your experiences on ICM’s social media channels. You’ll engage directly with prospective students to help them feel part of the ICM family even before they enrol.